Born in Vermont.
Raised on Good Nature.®

Several years ago our company founders embarked on a mission to make a Greek yogurt that everyone could love. They wanted to capture all the nutritional power that folks had come to expect from Greek yogurt, but make it milder, creamier and more affordable... down-to-earth, just like their native New England.

it’s not about Vermont's
"special" cows or picturesque barns.
It’s about the people.
Why embark on this mission from the hills of Vermont?

It wasn't about our "special cows" or our fields of green or our picturesque barns. Sure, we love all that stuff about our home state. But what makes Vermont what it is is the people. Hardy, down-to-earth, no fuss. Simple straight-forward folk. People looking for the real deal. So you won’t find pictures of Greek architecture or iconic columns of the Acropolis on the outside of our package. But you will find the real deal inside. Our own Vermont-style Greek yogurt.

So, what makes our Greek yogurt "Vermont style"?

You might say it’s in our culture. We carefully monitor each batch to ensure it tastes just right. You can’t rush it, it takes the perfect amount of time. It took us over a year and countless tries to get to the perfect mild, creamy recipe people love. We believe you will like it is as much as we do.

Love the plain! I also use it in place of sour cream and mayonnaise. So good. Love the fruit flavored too!
- Karen S
This is my one and ONLY favorite yogurt! The best that you can buy!!
- Devin K
This is by far the best greek yogurt I've eaten. I'm normally a strawberry fanatic but then I tried the black cherry 0% fat free and fell in love. I've converted to black cherry now.
- Rosalie R
The best Greek yogurt I have ever eaten! Cherry chocolate is my favorite flavor!!
- Shelley D
Best yogart ever!!! Buy it every week and never will by another brand again.
- Bryann F
Best Greek yogurt I've ever eaten! Thick rich creamy fresh delicious!!!! Coconut is my favorite!!!!!!
- Lesley W
Tried the Maple Greek Yogurt, it was Awesome. I was happy to see it was low sugar & good amount of protein & had live & active cultures. Delicious!
- Sandy B
The coconut is to die for, best yogurt I've ever had!!
- Agnes R
I love, love, love this yogurt!! Rich and creamy. Deliciousness. Perfection!!
- Ruth N
Fantastic yogurt - I recommend this to my patients every day!
- Jennifer W
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